Alisson & Turner

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Alisson & Turner are two House DJs and producers that have been around the world since end of the 80s as Booking DJ's and Resident DJs in many of famous Clubs. What now is called "Electro" was Techno-House at that time.... however, at the beginning of the new Millennium House slowly disappeared from the German clubs, they decided to concentrate on music production's and quit as active DJs.... But their heart kept beating for the good old house music..... and now it's back.... even in germany....
Now these two "old men" are back on the scene, showing the Wiz Kids that they still can compete and even do it better, they are able to supply you with classic house nights right up to the electro sound of today... they feel at home with all the various Sounds and ages and they are very up to date with their program. Alisson & Turner did the remixes for the new Sash! Single Raindrops, Annakiya and many more are in their pipeline. Right now they are working on a new single that will be presented very soon. You can compare them both with a good bottle of red wine.... the older they are.... the better they get....


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