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Damae (ex Fragma)

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Growing up in a musical family, from an early age onwards Damae was fascinated by any kind of music, starting with musical films of the 50’s, Elvis and the Beatles, up to Rock and Punk music. Her first musical steps were solo parts in the school choir. Besides she learned classical ballet and began modeling for the German youth magazine BRAVO. She received a lot of attention and offers from film and music producers, but her priorities were her classical singing education, while at the same time she was singing and songwriting in a punk band. This proves that musical flexibility is not contradictory but foremost an advantage. So it’s no big surprise that through her passion skateboarding, she met musicians who inspired her interest in Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall. Shortly after that, Damae developed a deep love for electronic music and was very present in that scene, where hit producer Gottfried Engels (Tiger Records) offered her the part as the main solo singer in the project “Fragma”. Their first common single was an international smash, reaching #4 in the UK charts, which is quite notable for a German singer. In the aftermath, two albums, several video clips, and worldwide tours with gigs at renowned venues and huge festivals followed until 2012. Concurrently, she was the presenter of her own TV show “Dance District” at the Europe-wide TV station ONYX, and she even was a guest host at VIVA’s “Club Rotation”. Frequently, she surfaced with songs of her own or as a featured artist with other acts. At the moment she’s working with Tiger Records producers on new songs.